Organ Pipe National Park

Organ Pipe National Park

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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Old Fashion Fourth of July, Anchorage

Anchorage goes all out for a patriotic fourth of July.  There is a huge parade with a very large military presence.  After the parade there was a presentation of the history of the American Flag.  There there was food.  Even under cloudy skies, tents and booths were in abundance with all kinds of goodies from Caribou Steaks to Cajun style soup.

Some folks were really patriotic with their floats.

They got the whole family involved.

There was a huge blow up of the American Flag

This was the "piping" of the flags, a term I had never heard before.  The bagpipes were played.  Then a history of each of the flags was given. Later, the superintendent of schools read the Declaration of Independence.  You're probably yawning about now..but the reading was lively and interesting.  Even school children sat still and listened.
Later in the park, families enjoyed the breeze and the sky was filled with kites.

The clouds parted briefly to let some of the beautiful mountains appear.

This is one of several visitor centers in the downtown area. The flowers are just gorgeous here.

One of many carvings in the downtown area.

Tomorrow we leave for the Portage Valley, just a few miles south of Anchorage via the Seward Scenic By Way.

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