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Organ Pipe National Park

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Friday, April 22, 2011

Bandera Part 2, April 8-14

The rest of our stay at the dance rally was pretty busy making sure the breakfasts went smoothly,   fitting in dance lessons,   meeting for social hour everyday at 4:00, and the evening dances. We did manage to find time to explore a little, though.

Friday, was New York dress up night.  I'm not sure what "New York dress up" means. At  Bandera  most of the ladies wore long dresses and the guys wore a collared shirt and their best boots.

Jane is all decked out in her long gown

We had a live band for New York night that played country western songs

The the "Irritations" played percussion for the band.  

Then, Saturday night was  pajama night:

Max and Judy were a hit.

Nancy and I even got into the act. Pretty fancy PJ's!! (remember, Nancy was on my Alaska trip last summer)

Even Joel wore PJ's.
Who does this remind you of?

Saturday we had a   "day off".  There were no dance lessons and Joel was able to get away from the breakfast duties a little early so we grabbed Nancy and Maynard and headed out to the countryside.

We stopped at Lukenbach. Joel and I had stopped there a few weeks before but were anxious to return. There is music during the day and the Black Top Gypsies were playing.  They were very good, but they weren't playing in the dance hall.  There was another venue planned for the evening starting at 9:00 but we didn't stay. 

Joel and I decided to dance at the hall, just to say we did.
Everything is in Texas IS bigger.  We saw this hummer.  Never could figure out who was coming or going in it.
Luckenback is also a popular destination for motorcycles out for an afternoon drive.
Maynard, I don't think this hat really becomes you.
We had heard about   the  Po-Po restaurant and decided to stop by .  After seeing the sign  we decided it was too late in the afternoon to eat, but we did stop and look inside. There are hundreds of plates from everywhere on the ceiling and walls.  It would be fun to return some day and eat when we had a little more time. The sign indicated they would really take their time in preparing a delicious meal.  Wouldn't want to rush them.
This sign was right next to PO-POs.  I guess the little town is called Welfare.   Welfare..Country Club??

On the way back to Bandera we had to go through the little town of Beorne (pronounced burny..the Texas way) and we saw this old airstream travel trailer called the Gypsy Boutique.  The inside had been completely remodeled into a boutique for women's clothing. There was even a dressing room.  Really cool.

Another day, we drove to the countryside and toured the LBJ ranch and the "Texas White House".  It is a beautiful spot along the river.  The inside of the house is very unpretentious and comfortable.  Unfortunately, pictures are not allowed.  I was really impressed to learn how progressive Johnson was.  He truly was a "techie" with all of the latest phones and TV.  He had three TVs set up side by side so he could watch all three networks at once.  Remember, back then there were only three networks, not like today. He could do anything at his home that he could do in the White House.

The peaceful view from the Texas White House.
Johnson's Air force One
The house that Johnson was born in.
The cemetery where President Johnson and Lady Bird are buried.

I was still in high school when Johnson became President. The 60's were changing times which I have always taken for granted.  The visit to the LBJ Ranch brought back a lot of memories of those times...graduated high school; got married; had a child; lots happened in 10 years.   I was reminded how environmentally progressive Johnson and Lady Bird were.  Had it not been for the Viet Nam war I think his Presidency would have accomplished more in education and the environment.  

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