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Organ Pipe National Park

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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Kentucky By-Way 31E, June 9

We left the Singing Hills Campground in Cave City and headed up the back roads of Kentucky on 31E. I'm not sure how they come up with the numberings on these roads but its very confusing.  There is also a 31W.  31 W does not go west and 31E does not go east.  They both go north. It's a good good thinkg we had a very detailed map! It was a beautiful country drive and our first stop was Abraham Lincoln's Birthplace.  The Abraham Lincoln Birthplace National Historical Park (that's the official name) is a large grassy area with a huge memorial that houses a log cabin which is the birth site of Lincoln.  Apparently the cabin is not the original cabin, but a cabin that was located on Sinking Spring Farm.  The memorial itself is located on the birth site.

Whew, that was a lot of steps to climb in the heat.  It was over 95 with 86% humidity again today!

The memorial is huge and pretty impressive.

The back side of the memorial.
The cabin inside.
The beautiful grassy grounds of the historical park as seen from the top of the memorial.
Sinking spring, which the farm gets its name from.

The spring is still viable and it was a cool and refreshing stop.   Lincoln only lived on the farm until he was about two years old and then the family moved a few miles up the road to Knob Creek farm.  They moved due to a problem with the land title to the farm which after five years was not resolved. The family then moved on to Indiana. 

We continued up the Scenic By-way 31E until we came to New Haven, home of the Kentucky Train Museum, where we parked for the night.  Much to our surprise we discovered we were in a different time zone.  We are now in the Eastern Time zone and running an hour behind.  

Tomorrow we plan to continue on and tour some distilleries following the "Bourbon Trail."  Kentucky is known for its Bourbon Whiskey and it should be interesting to see  how it is made. It will be Joel 65th birthday and what better way to celebrate.  

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  1. I believe the Kentuckian logic that you're missing is that there are two 31's both going north and south, so logically the one farther east is 31E and, well, you get the picture.