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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Louisville, KY , June 15-16, Part One

On Tuesday we left Lexington and headed for Louisville. In Kentucky it is pronounced "Loovul".  I'm still having a little trouble with the Kentuckian accents.  The folks are really nice and friendly for the most part, but they sure do talk fast and with their accent I don't always understand!

We arrived at the Moose Lodge to find it closed on Monday and Tuesdays but the parking was ample and convenient to downtown.    There weren't  any hook up or fresh water to fill the freshwater tank, but price more than made up for it.

Tuesday morning greeted us with huge thunder storms and big rain so I stayed in and caught up on a few things I'd been putting off. The sun came out  we headed for the visitor center which is in the heart of down town.  Louisville is pretty easy to get around, but the parking is pretty expensive, but not as bad as Nashville.

 I was in Louisville about 15 years ago and nothing looked familiar, even the riverfront where I had spent some time enjoying summer evening concerts.  There are a lot of new sky scrapers contracting with the old downtown area.  The city seems to be growing and unlike Nashville, not nearly as touristy, but there is a lot to see and do.

Part of the sky walk system downtown.  Part of the downtown area's hotels and the convention center are linked together by several sky bridges.   One can walk several blocks and not have to go outside.
 Nice view of the Ohio River from the river walk area.  The Jefferson  leaves on dinner cruises but we chose to pass on this.
There are lots of interesting sky scrapers downtown.
And lots of old architecture.  The building below is the Science Center.

I'm not sure what the penguins are doing up on t he roof.  Some one told us a new restaurant had opened up and then the penguins appears.
 Along with the penguins this wacky car appeared below.
 Then there was this unusual bicycle rack.
The Mayor decided Joel need a heart to heart talk because Joel's shirt read "I have no idea and I don't want one". Wonder what the mayor is discussing with Joel.
 This is Kentucky Derby country and there were sculptures of horses all over the downtown area.

 Fourth Street Live is an area of 4th street which is often blocked off and a stage set up for special events. They were getting ready for a special event the day we were there.

 This was an unusual sculpture down by the river.

 The Kentucky Center for the Performing Arts had this interesting exhibit.  Costumes from various performances have been displayed as if they were floating.   The picture below is of a very elegant gown

but then the back side has a dress of rags floating.

 This seems to be a mobile of hats floating in the air.
 Not sure what this sculptor was suppose to be, but it was big and colorful.
 The next day we stopped by the Louisville Slugger museum and manufacturing plant.

 Wow, that is one powerized bat!! (prowerized is written on every Louisville baseball bat)
 Baseball bats some in several different colors...even pick and are made out of ash or maple, but mostly ash.

Louisville Slugger bats are made from billets using the above method. Over 2500 bats are made a day. They don't allow picture in the plant area due to proprietary manufacturing methods. Over 60% of the pro baseball players get their bats from Louisville Slugger.  The bats are custom made for the pro player who may order up to a dozen bats at a time.  The template for the pro player is computerized and the wooden bat can be made and shipped out with in a few days.

There was also a Norman Rockwell exhibit which was really interesting, but again, no photographs were allowed.

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