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Organ Pipe National Park

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Monday, August 15, 2011

Old Town Canoe and Kayak, August 13

Most of the WINs are kayakers and usually you can tell a WIN by the colorful Kayaks on the top of their cars, at least when you are in the mid-west or west.  It seems that there are lots of kayakers in New England  judging by the amount of cars that have either a kayak or canoe on top of them.  We all decided to go to the Old Town Kayak and Canoe visitor center in Old Town just a few miles up the road from Bangor.  Old Town, Necky, and a few other brands are manufactured in Old Town and the visitor center and outlet is a good place to go and get great deals on kayaks or canoes as well as good advice on what to purchase.

Laurie has wanted a hard kayak for while.  She has an inflatable which she enjoys but wanted something a little more stable.  There is a big swimming pool at the outlet so Laurie  tried out this little recreation kayak.

She paddled back and forth several times and was sold.

The guys pitched in and got it all loaded on her car for her.

I'm sure she will have fun.  She was planning to go kayaking the next day, but we were leaving for Moosehead Lake, up north in the Highland Region of Maine.  We hope to find some dry camping away from airplanes, trains, and highways, preferable on the lake somewhere.  It will be a challenge to find a place for three rigs.

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  1. Did you score a good deal on that kayak? Which model was it? I am hoping to head up that way this summer, any info on what to expect in terms of purchasing a canoe or kayak here would be appreciated. Thanks.