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Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Black Sheep Gathering, June 24

The Black Sheep Gathering is an annual event and the Lane County Fair Grounds in Eugene.  I had visions of herds of black sheep so I couldn't image what the big deal was.

Well... there were more than just black sheep. There were all kinds of sheep, goats, angora goats, and alpacas...all showing off their wool.

No, this guy has not been dyed.  Apparently he/she was bred for a recessive gene and this was the natural color of the wool.
Actually, the gathering had more than animals for show.  There were all kinds of crafts, yarn and wool for sale including these marionetts.
Lots of different type of spinning wheels:

and there was a sock knitter.  Not sure how it works, as there wasn't anyone demonstrating it.
 There were beautiful colorful scarves on display as well as other textiles.
and lots of wool for spinning
Colorful baskets greeted you at the entrance.  You could use one for shopping.
I'm not sure this guy wanted to give up his wool.  Its not been that warm. But it was
fun to watch.  The whole process took less than ten minutes.

This bag of wool weighed about seven pounds.  Some of the wool is discarded because it can't be cleaned. (some of the pieces were pretty gross looking)

A before and after picture.

These were my favorite: Alpacas.

How could you not like these little faces.

The Black Sheep Gathering was a fun experience.  Best of all it was free!

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