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Organ Pipe National Park

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Monday, July 9, 2012

Mt. Rose Summit, July 8

I've hike to the Mt. Rose Summit many times and it is probably one of the easier "peak bagging" hikes at a higher altitude...10,766 feet and about 10.5 miles round trip with only about a 1,900 foot elevation gain.  Reno temperatures were suppose hit the high 90's, but the trail starts at about the 8,900 foot level so it is much cooler.  Its always windy on the peak, so I figured there would be no worries about being too hot and made sure I put my windbreaker in my day pack.

Sandi, my hiking partner, and I arrived at the parking lot at the trail head about 9:00.  I guess a lot of hikers decided to get out of the heat and hit the higher elevations because I have never seen so many cars at that time of the morning.  It is a popular hike.

The hike follows part of the Tahoe Rim Trail for about the first 2.5 miles, so it's a well groomed trail and very easy.  The first real view point is of Galena Falls, which usually has water in it all summer.  It's a popular turn around point and the Rim Trail continues to the south at this point to Raley Peak, but we take the Mt Rose trail for another 2.5 miles or so. The climbing begins here, and a climb it is because it is all up.

 The Mt. Rose trail traverses a large meadow.  The wild flowers were just starting bloom.  Mt. Rose Peak is to the left of the peak in the picture.  The trees are hiding it.
 About 1/2 mile from the summit views open up towards the north west.  It was really hazy so it hard to see Donner Lake, Boca and Stampede Reservoirs in the middle of the pictures. On a really clear day you can see Mt. Lassen to the North.
 We are just a few feet from the summit:
 Views looking west toward North Star Ski area:
 A hazy view of Lake Tahoe to the south:
 Greater Reno Sparks area:
The day was really hazy from all of the forest fires, but the summit had very little wind.  I've been up there when I could only stay a few minutes due to the cold, high winds, but today was different.  There was a nice gentle breeze and I think the temperature was a nice mild 78.  Sandi and lingered over lunch and stayed a long time enjoying the views.

Well,  I can see after hiking to Mt Rose I need a few more conditioning hikes before I put on my backpack and head out to the PCT.

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  1. Nice. Maybe Ron and I can do the first part of that sometime.