Organ Pipe National Park

Organ Pipe National Park

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I purchased "Sadie''s House On Wheels "in late 2007 and loved traveling in a motor home so much that I went on the road full time in late 2008. I started writing this blog to help me remember all the wonder places I have been and it allows me to share those places with my family and friends. Summer of 2013 I decided to hang up the keys for a while and moved back into my stick house. After nearly two years, I am on the road again.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Big Springs NP

Sadie is enjoying the grass, although a little miffed because she didn't get to go Kayaking. 

Jam session at Big Springs NP. Lots of talent among the WINs
Turtle convention on the Current
New Fawn 

Big Springs NP is part of the Ozark National Scenic Riverways located near Van Buren, Mo.  My drive from Branson, Mo to the area was uneventful.  However, Miss Carmen (my Garmin GPS) really led me astray in leading me to the campground.  Upon my arrival she hollered at me to turn on MO Z which I dutifully obeyed.  I hadn't seen any other signs to the campground so I blindly proceeded following the directions on the screen.  Well, 8 extremely steep, windy, narrow miles later I still wasn't at the campground and the GPS indicated the road was going to turn into dirt.  The whole time I was driving I kept thinking to myself the rest of the WINs are not going to make this road with these grades in their big rigs (32-40 ft).  Even more disconcerting was that I could not find a place to turn around.  To make a long story short I ended up unhooking the Jeep and inching the MH back and forth until I could get it turned around and the hooked up the Jeep and headed back down the mountain to where I began.  I eventually found the camp ground and what a beautiful place it is.  Moral of the story...don't believe the Garmin..

The park was built by the CCC and there are many old beautiful building.  Big Spring is named after the springs that gush out of the stone walls at millions of gph and eventually fan out to different rivers with the Current River flowing by our campsite. 

We took a beautiful hike that meandered around the park and up and over the mountain.  On the way we encountered a new born fawn.  Obviously mama had left instructions to stay put while she was foraging in the lush grass.  The little guy was just gorgeous. 

We took the Kayaks for a nice gentle 11 mile float down the river.  The Current is unusually high due to all of the rain this year.  It was flowing pretty fast and our trip only took 2 hours and 45 minutes.  There wasn't much action on river, i.e no rapids and no one "dumped".  

WIN folks never cease to amaze me.  After all day kayaking we had a nice cookout and Judy entertained us with playing the guitar and singing folk songs.  Life just doesn't get much better.  

I have signed up for the Escapee Escapade in Sedalia so my time in Big Springs was short. Two days in this area is not enough.  I've decided to attend part of the Escapade and return to the area and rejoin the WINs next week.  It is simply too much the weather has turned pretty nice.  

Let's see, can we get anymore Kayaks in Mark's truck?

Pete is enjoying river life

Kirt, Joanne, and Cory enjoy lunch on the beach on the Current River. No, we didn't carry the lounge chairs in the Kayak.  Some kind soul left them on the beach for us. 

All lined up and ready to go down the river.

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