Organ Pipe National Park

Organ Pipe National Park

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I purchased "Sadie''s House On Wheels "in late 2007 and loved traveling in a motor home so much that I went on the road full time in late 2008. I started writing this blog to help me remember all the wonder places I have been and it allows me to share those places with my family and friends. Summer of 2013 I decided to hang up the keys for a while and moved back into my stick house. After nearly two years, I am on the road again.

Saturday, January 2, 2010


I arrived in Yuma at near the VFW on BLM land in time to catch up with my WIN friends for the 4:00 p.m. "circle" as they call it and reunite with my friends and find out the schedule for the next few days. These folks have been busy...7:30 a.m. dog walk or hike; 9:00 a.m. hugs and mugs ( and find out the schedule of the day) 10:00 tour of the old Yuma Prison..and it goes on and on. No this is not a cruise.

Cell blocks at Yuma Prison

This is what the dark cell looks like inside. Pretty erie.

The grey bridge in the background linked the Atlantic and
Pacific in the early days. Before the bridge people had to take
a ferry across the river. Today there is a dam upstream so the
river doesn't flow as big and fast.

New Years Eve day I hiked with the group at 7:30 a.m.; met at 9:00 for Hugs and Mugs;10:00-3:00 toured the old Yuma Territorial Prison. (Lots of history here. ) ;gathered and shared "finger food" and campfires at 6:30p.m.; some went over to the VFW for dancing at 8:00. I was still recovering from driving the past few days as well as the one hour time change so opted to watch a movie with John (who is doing very well). OK, I think you might get the picture..this group is not just active but maybe hyperactive!!!

New Years Day we all met at EATS an Asian Buffet in Yuma. I'm not a buffet fan, especially Chinese or Asian. I eat too much and usually the food is not all that great. After much persuading I did go and actually found the food to be pretty good. Of course I ate too much and couldn't move afterwards. The buffet menu included Alaskan King crab and lots of other seafood in addition to the normal Chinese/Asian fare for $11.95. Not a bad price.

Today we caravanned out towards Yuma lakes and WIN member Walt acted as our guide. I was not aware there were so many places along lakes and rivers to boon dock in the area. Most are on BLM land and cost very little or nothing. I can see why so many RVers come this way in the winter. The weather is good and the price is cheap and the lakes are beautiful.

Squaw Lake. Hard to believe there are so many little
lakes in the middle of the desert.

Imperial Valley Dam.

Yuma Lake

We came upon this old bridge and Walt assured us that
the symbols were indian symbols and not swastikas.

Fortuna Lake.

Tomorrow is a down day, which is badly needed. I had a lot of water intrude into one of my storage bays. I had to empty everything out and the area has been air drying for the past few days. Now the opportunity presents itself to go through all of the items and determine if there is anything that doesn't need to be returned to the storage bay. Monday, I'll head for Wellton for a few days and then to Martinez Lake for the weekend and off to Quartzsite for a couple of weeks...I think. The WIN schedule is always subject to change with the wind. LOL.

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