Organ Pipe National Park

Organ Pipe National Park

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Friday, January 8, 2010

Wellton: Border Crossings and Talking Trash

Loaded up and ready to go explore the border.

We really didn't do a border crossing, but we did go out towards the Barry Goldwater Proving grounds on Wednesday and do some 4 Wheeling which brought us up to the huge border fence. Kurt did a good job of leading us and I was Kurt's driver so I got to be in front and not eat the dust of 9 other vehicles. The border patrol has eyes everywhere and actually came to check us out.

This explains the route between Mexico and Arizona

The border fence...our tax dollars at work.

I guess the fence doesn't work very well to keep humans in or out. Actually, we were told the fence is meant to keep vehicles smuggling drugs from crossing the border.

The hills have eyes. The border patrol caught up with us. Its hard to read the writing on the door, but this is the border patrolman's truck.

So what do you do when you are in the desert and not supposed to be there and need help? You push the red button and someone will come and rescue you within the hour, and...give you a free ride home.

Nothing draws a crowd of guys more than big machinery

However, Carolyn took the command of the tank.

Mark eventually took over the tank from Carolyn and the battle goes one...

We also took a nice hike up the side of High Tanks were there are some water holes. I made pretty far to see the second tank but didn't venture up to the third tank per our guide's suggestions that it would be too dangerous. This was a nice lunch spot.

Overview of the mountains to the high tanks.

Carolyn is climbing up the mountain. It really isn't as steep as it looks.

Lower tank of water

I made it all the way to the second tank

It seems like we were much higher. If you look closely you can see the cars in the horizon.

Whats this about talking trash?On Thursday, we toured one of the most high tech dumps...err landfills in the United States near Rolls, AZ What was to be a one hour venture turned in to two hours. Who would have thought that trash could be so interesting. There were big trucks and equipment involved so its understandable that the guys wanted to stand around and look...but for two hours???

Matt, manger of the landfill has every ones undivided attention. He did a great job of explaining all of the technical aspects of the landfill.

This is a newly created area for trash. Under the two feet of dirt is a thick plastic liner that is welded and water tight. Once the pit is filled (in several years) it will be capped with a plastic cap. Eventually, the gas created will be suctioned off and used for power. The pit took six months to line at a cost of several million dollars.Wow, there must be a lot of money in trash. Once the other area if filled(shown below) they will start using this area.

This shows the layers of the land fill.

This is how trash is brought into the landfill. I thought the trucks carried cargo, but not so. Its trash.!

The trailer is lifted by hydraulic lifts

and then the trash is dumped out on to the ground

then this big machine moves the trash and crushes it. Once this done then 6 inches of dirt covers the trash every night and the procedure starts all over the next day.

This is a huge plastic area lined to receive not toxic liquids which will evaporate and no ground seepage occurs

Where is Wellton? There really is a small town east of Yuma called Wellton with all the essentials..laundry mat, post office, barber shop, and several thrift stores. It's mostly an agricultural area with a huge winter population due to all the cheap RV parks nearby and free BLM land and only about 30 miles from Yuma. Plus, for all you RVers who like to boondock there is a new gas station in "New Wellton" that boosts three free dump stations with free water right off the interstate. Whahoo...

Today, I ventured over to Martinez Lake, less than an hours drive from Yuma, to catch up with some of the other WINs.It was a pretty large group over at Wellton, about 30 or so. Here there is only about 9 or 10 of us. More on Martinez Lake next time

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