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Monday, February 14, 2011

The Dance Rally, Casa Grande February 8-14

Every year the WINs gather for their annual dance rally at the fair grounds in Casa Grande, AZ.  This was my third year attending the rally and was debating if I would attend.  A week of dancing and lessons is a lot!  Last year I was "brain dead"by the end of the rally  and had a hard time remember which was my left foot and what count I should be on! This year, the rally had a Hawaiian theme and was shortened by a day or two and the lesson schedule was different so I figured I could handle it.

Every morning we met for hugs and mugs and continental breakfast followed by line dancing for an hour and then lessons on a particular dance for the rest of the day.  Then, there is a dance every evening.   This year I worked on perfecting the Two Step, the Lindy and the  Waltz.  There were other lessons to chose from, but from past experience I knew I could handle only so much.  I'll never be a contestant for "Dancing With The Stars".

The dance rally is always one big party.    This year in addition to dancing there was a costume party to see who could dress up with the best Hawaiian dress and work the crowds; a talent/no talent contest; a Hawaiian Luau; and a special Valentines dance.
                                            Maxine was the life of the party (pink and green)

                                       Arlene really worked the crowd with her hula dance and was the winner.
 Nelda is one of the oldest members of the club.  She is always out there participating with the rest of us.
Diana and Phil were the perfect Hawaiian couple.  Joanne made a good Hawaiian Queen.  

I'm not quit sure was Gord was up to, but Nelda seems on a mission to keep ahead of him..  

There was lots of food on Luau night

For desert Jackie and Phillis did a little hula dance while they were bring in the ice cream for desert. 

 Part of the rally committee and ice cream scoopers.

Phillis graciously allowed me to be in a picture with "her".

Oh,Oh. Was this pig distend to be part of the Luau?
This pig is being "misted " to keep him cool.  Apparently pigs don't sweat.  

No, the pigs weren't part of the Luau.  During the rally, the 4-H club held their show and auction and I wandered over to see the pigs.  

Oh no!  Did Joel find a new girlfriend already?  No, it's just Maxine who participated in the "no talent band" with us.
We had lots of participants in the "no talent" show but they really were all pretty good.  
 Nick sang.
 And so did Dirk.
 Bar stool Charlie (aka Chuck) was entertaining.
              Fast Freddie and Nelida played the fiddle.

No show would be complete without a song from our club president, Sharon.

Judy was the band's conductor.  She is also our wonderful dance teacher.  

Mimi, was the final act.  She appeared from nowhere and disappeared just as fast.  She had us all rolling on the floor.  

One night we had a live band and during their break "Bag Pipe Bob" played his pipes.  

 We are doing one of the line dances known as Cotton Eyed Joe.  It's a lot of fun.  No need to take up jogging when you are doing line dances like this.

The Dance Rally was great fun and Joel and I are glad we decided to participate and we are looking forward to a few days of "vacation".  Monday, after hugs, we headed north towards Phoenix.  Not sure where we'll end up.

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  1. Loved your blog about the dance rally and loved the pictures.