Organ Pipe National Park

Organ Pipe National Park

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Friday, February 8, 2013

Bull Pasture Hike, February 2

Probably one of the prettiest hikes in the park on a maintained trail is the Bull Pasture Hike.  There is lots of open land and cross country hiking in the park, but for an area so large there are very few maintained trails.

The hike starts out at the mouth of Estes Canyon and climbs for about 11/2 miles.

 At the top, a sign lets me know I made it to the top.  There is a faint trail that continues on to Ajo Mountain, but I didn't continue on this time. I'm sure I'll be doing this hike again when the days get longer, and I'll get that section then next time.

The view looks out over the park towards the canyon. The trail loops back through the large wash.

 Really rugged country.  These mountains border the Tohono O' Odham land.
 The canyon is lush with Cholla, Palo Verde, Saguaro, and Ocatilla.

I finished the hike and headed back to camp.  The day was still young, so I decided to check out the short Desert Vista Loop. From the loop I could see Ajo mountain and the area where I had hiked earlier.

A nice view of the public camp ground.

One of the  beautiful scenes from the Desert View trail .  Note the abundance of organ pipe cactus.
 The Buffelgrass project is going well.  The weather has warmed up and the hunt goes on.  I teamed up with one of the interns last week and we managed to visit over 23 waypoints along the Ajo Mountain Drive and only found a few buffelgrass plants...a good thing!

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