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Organ Pipe National Park

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I purchased "Sadie''s House On Wheels "in late 2007 and loved traveling in a motor home so much that I went on the road full time in late 2008. I started writing this blog to help me remember all the wonder places I have been and it allows me to share those places with my family and friends. Summer of 2013 I decided to hang up the keys for a while and moved back into my stick house. After nearly two years, I am on the road again.

Friday, June 5, 2015

Black Dog's House on Wheels Revival

Well, its been nearly two years since I took "a leave of absence" from traveling full time.  So what have I been doing the past two years?  My original intentions were to work part time and enjoy the beautiful area I live in, pick up winter sports again, spend more time with family, and replenish some of my retirement funds. I managed to accomplish the latter two, but mother nature simply did not cooperate with winter sports due to the historic droughts in California a Nevada and I ended up working full time.  Oh, and I did get a new black dog not too long after I started my "leave of absence".  Her name is Tara and she is  a sweet, gentle, black lab rescue, now almost 4 years old and loves all things four and two legged, loves to ride in any vehicle.

Events this spring made me sit back and take a second look at life.  I was over whelmed with friends and  family health issues, mainly Joel's open heart surgery (he is doing great), mom's mild strokes (she is doing so-so for  being nearly 95 and we moved her into assisted living), the passing of my daughter-in law and moving my son Jason back to Reno from Tennessee.  Way too much to cope with with in a span of 4 months. Life is too short and I was on the verge of a mild melt down trying to work and be there for everyone.  Joel convinced me I should I should take a break and perhaps pick up the keys again, yet still stay relatively close  in proximity to family.  I gave notice at work (the folks at work were really great and I am now considered a "reserve" employee when ready, which means when the dust settles I can work remotely), sold my beloved Born Free and cars. Jason's Pod arrived at the house and his belongings fully occupy my garage and he is temporarily residing at my house until he can figure out what he wants to do.

Last week Joel and I made a huge commitment and picked up a brand new towed and headed for Fresno to see his brother and cousin. We plan to stay in California until July and then head to Oregon, Idaho, Colorado, New Mexico and arrive back in Nevada sometime after the Escapee Encampment in Death Valley In November.  So, stay tuned. I'm getting my trusty old camera out and charging up the batteries and putting it back to work!.

Tara's favorite game is to raid the recycle bin. She does like the beer, too.
 obsession! Play with me!!
 Pretty please?!

Stay tuned.  Lots more to come!


  1. Great that you and Joel are going to be hitting the road again. Know what you mean about life changing events too. See my facebook post regarding the passing of Marion. Kim and I will be staying local this summer most probably at Eagle lake and possibly down by Carson City for a bit too. Have fun on your travels and look forward to hearing about them.

  2. Nice to see you writing again; will look forward to following your adventures. and Tara is just too cute. Love to you all.

  3. Glad to see you on the road again. It is life's challenges that make us realize when changes are due. Am spending the next year going around the east coast and maritime provinces, but plan on being back in the west late 2016.