Organ Pipe National Park

Organ Pipe National Park

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Monday, June 8, 2015

Kings Canyon and Giant Sequoias

We left the campground  of Boca  on Wednesday (6/4)and headed to Fresno for a few days and parked at Joel's cousins house for a few days. Joel was able to catch up with with Pam  and his brother Bill who was having surgery on Friday.  (The surgery went well.)

I have never been to Kings Canyon NP nor the Giant Sequoia NM and decided to do a day trip.  I quickly found out that a "quick day trip " could easily turn into a month long venture.  The drive, although short is mesmerizing and the area really requires much, much more time.  These two gems are now on my bucket list for a return visit.

Chicago Stump. The tree was cut down for the Chicago World's Fair and reassembled to prove there were Giant Sequoias in California.  However, the public thought it was a hoax and cutting down the tree was for nothing:

 The road to the Kings Canyon:
 Lots of rugged terrain:
 The Yucca plants were in full bloom. The river is barely visible below:
 Grizzly Falls:
At this point we turned around to head back to Pam's house.  It was pretty obvious we are going to have to come back and spend much more time exploring this beautiful area.  There is no way to rush through it.

From here we head to the SKP Park Sierra for a few days.  It is too hot in Fresno and we are ready to get off the black top.We left early Sunday morning 6/7.

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  1. Both parks are on my bucket list. I was there in 2003, but it was early April and snow was still on the ground and some roads were closed.